Born in Turin in 1959. He is a Chartered Accountant, Auditor and Expert to the Court of Turin, with over forty years' experience in the financial sector.
A former member of the Board of Directors of Borsa Italiana and of a number of listed companies, he is also or has been Secretary to the Board of a number of listed companies.
He is an adjunct lecturer in Comparative Commercial Law at Rome’s Link University.
It was his idea to develop the first online trading system in Italy, and this led to the foundation of Directa Sim, of which he has been Chairman since 1995.

Born in Susa (province of Turin) in 1971. After graduating in Economics and Commerce at the University of Turin, where he specialised in the Economics of Financial Intermediaries and Markets, he joined Directa’s pioneering team in 1998. He has held the following positions: Head of Internal Control (2001 - 2008), Head of Compliance (2008 - 2018), Director of Administration (since 2018), Head of Back Office and Client Assets (since 2020) and Chief Financial Officer (2021-2024)
On April 2024 he has been appointed as Directa's new CEO.


Stefano D’Orazio has over 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. In 1999, he founded a company in the United States specializing in the purchase and sale of networking equipment. After consolidating his skills overseas, he returned to Europe in 2005, holding various prominent positions in international companies.
Among his notable roles, he served as Country Manager at Alfresco, Commercial Director Southern Europe for Hootsuite, and Head of Enterprise Business for Adobe. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to lead talented teams and develop winning strategies, actively contributing to the growth of markets in Southern Europe.
Starting on May 2024, Stefano D’Orazio has taken on the role of Commercial Director at Directa.