Darwin 2.0 Online Trading Platform

Since the launch of Darwin Online Trading Platform we have always been committed to constantly work hard to find new ways of improving it.
The new version of the Online Trading platform Darwin2.0 includes many optimizations,
some of which are invisible, as they concern the "engine" side, namely (more stability, greater speed ect..)
Below, we'll explain to you the main changes and the features, as compared to the previous versions of The Stock Trading software Darwin, and the nature of the changes involved.


Launching Darwin trading platform from Directa's web portal links, has been a source of problems, and issues of various nature for our customers, and for many of them it was inconvenient to launch Darwin platform from the button on the webpage:

  • for many of them, various warnings and pop up requests used to appeare, asking them to authorize the execution of the program each time Darwin software is launched
  • for others, hitting the launch button is enough, but some other additional steps are required to activate the Online Trading Platform
  • The browser's download list gets overloaded with "jnlp" files.So, if one trys to launch a wrong version of these'jnlp' files Darwin platform will not run, or otherwise, various bugs might be encountered .
Darwin 2.0 gets installed normally, and it's still guaranteed that the launched program has always the correct version according to Directa's configuration.

The Why of the new dark colors

We have welcomed the advice of those who spend long hours working in front of the video display terminals in daily basis.
The new GUI features shapes and controls of essential style. We have sought to make more professional the look of Darwin2, but also more enjoyable to use at the same time.
As always, the user can still choose to return to a style more similar to that of Darwin1's Online Trading Platform, or may personally change the colors.


They have become auto-hide drawers.
We have endeavoured to maximize the space available for the Tiles, in order to satisfy some requests coming especially from customers who use laptop computers, and so with limited screen sizes.
Unlike the control bar, which could have already been reduced in size, the drawers constituted an unmovable clutter, whereas now, they will appear when the cursor is hovered over, and w'll disappear again when you move away the cursor into any other tile on the workspace.

The Tiles can't be moved around like before

We have collected and so welcomed a lot of feedbacks from users who found themselves in unexpected mess in their workspaces: tiles get moved away from the desired setting, or got hidden behind other tiles, or the command bar turned invisible.
Some of these problems were generated by the sensitivity of the system, when carrying out the normal Trading operations and so, involuntary and often inadvertent operations are made on the tiles; and vice versa, for instance,in an attempt to move or even resize the tiles, untimely and inconvenient orders were placed.
Directa has considered that , the user should not be distracted during the trading work, and therefore - it's true - the Tiles are no longer movable as they used to be : an explicit command must be given' , Albeit simple, in order to move or resize Tiles.
So, to earn your forgiveness ... in the Trading Software Darwin 2.0 the tiles can now be resized from all sides, that's except those that keep a fixed size (for example, the booklet , which you can expand it, but cannot be stretch vertically).

My Preferences ....will follow me (soon)

With the Trading Software Darwin 2.0 the usage preferences of the Trading Platform, namely colors, workspaces, operating parameters on securities, will be saved on Directa's servers.
  • When the user picks up his operations on a different computer, he will find the same preferences that has been set elsewhere.
  • There will be compatibility checks between the different screen sizes, in order for the customer to manage workspaces, without necessarily spoiling settings, while switching from one work station to another.

A new management for the news and notifications

The Trading software Darwin 2.0 brings also innovations in the notification's system, and in the News Tile as well:
  • the customer has now ways of filtering out the incoming news (News and RSS) to better highlight what he considers more important to him
  • these preferences, like all the rest, are saved by Directa in a way that, they will be available in other computers or devices e.g:(iPad)
  • Directa itself is a source of important news and notifications as well, reaching the customer via the same mechanism.


The video chat and conference software DirectaCHAT becomes available and accessible directly from Darwin 2.0 Online Trading platform.