Online Trading Platforms - Summary

All of Directa's Customers can use the following Online Trading platforms, all free of charge, for their Trading Operations:

Desktop/Mobile Web Trading application
Home/Office Desktop Trading platforms
Mobile Trading App
dLite Web Trading Platform
Basic web trading platform
FlashBoard trading app
FlashBook trading app
Darwin Trading platforms
Traderlink's Visual Trader
multiBook (Only for Information display)
touch Trader

Apart from Traderlink's Visual Trader a (technical analysis software that requires local installation on the customer machine) all the rest of Directa's online Trading platforms shares the following characteristics:

  • They don't require installation on the customer machine, and support all the major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and also Linux as well, except for Darwin trading Platform which currently does not support linux);
  • All Free of charge;
  • All Proprietary systems; Directa develops and fully mantains its Trading Software: updates are provided steadily and swiftly in the most effective way, even any eventual useful user suggestions can be met with quick response;
  • All have the Auto sync features, the customer will always find the same settings and data, seamlessly synchronized across all platforms, e.g. you can enter an order on Darwin trading and check its execution on touchTrader and statement of account on the Basic online trading web platform
  • They provide market data in realtime push tick by tick mode;
  • They allow orders to be 'entered, changed or canceled in less than a second;
  • They allow the following order types "market orders", limit orders or conditional (stop loss/trailing stop/oco);
  • They allow short selling intraday or multi-day with a security loan;
  • They allow margin trading, i.e. you trade with a fraction of the trade value;
  • They show intraday and historical price charts of indexes and securities;
  • They show a detailed report: the hour-minute-second of order transmission to the Exchange, entering and execution;
  • For each transaction they update in realtime the account status in cash and securities including a calculation of the tax charges;
  • They allow customers to access their account at any time 24/7, even outside the exchange hours.