Directa SIM | Company Profile

Directa Sim, founded in 1995 and operational since March 1996, is the pioneer of online trading in Italy and one of the first brokers in the world.
The purpose of Directa’s inception was, and still remains, to allow individuals to operate directly on the financial markets with an immediate execution of their orders at reduced costs, all from their personal computers and now on their handheld devices as well.

It began operations in March 1996 with a proprietary non-Internet system, making it the first telematic broker in Italy and one of the first in the world, and has progressively specialized to meet the needs of a clientele of very active investors (day traders and scalper).

Customers with Directa can trade on the Milan Stock Exchange (equities, derivatives and fixed income securities),
NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, AMEX, CME, Eurex, Frankfurt's XETRA, Cboe Europe and the Forex market, via LMAX Exchange.

In December 1998 Directa has activated its online trading system via the Internet: an entirely proprietary platform that has been continuously enriched and refined over time.

Today, the various Directa platforms, free and internally developed, do not require you to install software and are compatible with the major operating systems:

  • dLite, simple and intuitive, compatible with all operating systems and available for all modern PCs, tablets and smartphones. Also dLite App on Google Play, Apple Store and on Huawei App Gallery.
  • Darwin, professional grade and complete with every add on. A single trading environment with operational modules as well as data visualization tools, customizable according to the customer's needs.
  • Visual Trader (VT6), the most used technical and charts analysis software by Italian traders
  • Classic, Directa's historical platform, always easily accessible with any connection or device

Directa is aimed to serve a clientele of knowledgeable and independent investors who are looking for a safe haven for their savings.
In addition to the trading on Italian stocks, on European Blue Chips and on the American markets, Directa also offers
crowfunding and trading at no cost on a wide range of listed funds, ETFs and Certificates.

With Directa it's also possible to carry out trading/investing operations while keeping money and securities in an ordinary account held at one of Directa's partner banks present throughout the country: 2000 bank branches throughout Italy offer our trading service.

Companies that are Directa customers have a dedicated service, named: Directa Business. An appointed contact person is available for:

  • Trading of financial instruments for currency or commodity hedging purposes
  • Investment: ETFs, Investment Certificates, Government Bonds, Bonds
  • Special accounts with interest rates
  • Assistance in Issuance and Listing of financial instruments (Capital Increases, IPO, Crowdfunding, Bond and miniBond)
  • Emission subscriptions

Directa has also created a platform to meet the needs of Independent Financial Advisors and their Customers. dPro allows the advisor to propose his investment recommendations in a safe, clear and immediate way.
The Customer has all the advantages and services of a regular Directa account:

  • no opening costs
  • competitive commissions
  • ease of use of the platform
  • assistance from Directa Customer Service
  • full autonomy in the execution of the recommendations received

Directa offers an educational services, a space where trading and investments are culture and information:

  • Market Briefing - directaTV: every morning, at the opening of the European stock exchanges, a live streaming broadcast on facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The most significant news, in-depth analysis and interpretation of the markets, operational projections, to keep you up to date and well informed on important events and on the economic and financial situations.
  • Webinar: advanced financial training, with expert traders and analysts, that will cover topics from how "short selling" works to how to best use the dLite platform.
  • Furthermore, Understanding the Stock Exchange(Capire la Borsa), taking the first steps on the financial markets, and many live events to meet the customers face-to-face